The Concept

Heiko Salzwedel is more than happy to talk about it:

„During my time as the Australian National Coach we already have been searching at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) for possibilities to efficiently support our overseas riders, which are based in foreign professional Trade Teams. In the early Nineties the then “neo pro’s” Henk Vogels and Patrick Jonker acted as our first “Guinea Pigs” who sent their SRM-datas regularly from Europe back to Australia.”

A new motivation to open this concept now for a broader range of cycling enthusiasts gave Chris Carmichael, coach of Lance Armstrong and founder of CTS (Carmichael Training Systems):

„At the Annual National Coaching Conference in November 2002 in Birmingham, organised by UK Sport, Chris explained that his concept about ‚Remote Coaching’ is an unbelievable success story in the USA and performs an annual growth rate of 40%”

Chris directs an army of coaches who look after their clients in an exact defined system of email correspondence, timely limited phone conversation and, depending on the available purse, in a common early season training camp. Clearly, a successful concept in the technology crazy USA.

SL-sports offers private coaching for ambitious athletes who are happy exchange their datas via the modern ways of communication. Based on the German SRM Training System we create your Individual Training Plan (ITP), record it and, if necessary, modify it. Naturally, a good coach- athlete relationship is still the most important basis for a good cooperation.

Just to sum up:
The mixture of modern technology with a very personal professional guidance is the guarantee for a successful cooperation with SL-sports.