• We provide world-wide support, applying the latest sports-science and technology.

  • We analyse the training and provide training advise using modern technology , such as SRM power meters together with heart rate monitors from Polar or similar monitors. It does not matter to us if your are a world leading athlete or a weekend warrior, you will be equally important to us.

  • SL-sports utililizes the facilities at the SRM-Training Centre in Jülich near Aachen for a detailed performance analysis. We use this as the foundation for a successful individual training and planning program.

  • We optimise the training, planning, control and analysis via email, telephone or through personal conversation before/after competition or during common training camps in order to keep the time ratio as low as possible.

  • Regular feedback from our athletes allows us to update and modify the Individual Training Plan (ITP)

In brief: We offer you our wealth of international experience in tandem with modern technology to optimise your valuable time investment into your sport.